My parents loved cartoons and named me after the little girl in the Finnish version of the Flintstones. I guess I share that little girl’s exuberance and questioning nature and bring that to my designs.

I’ve loved pondering, questioning, trying out materials and shapes ever since I was a little girl growing up in Finland. During my childhood I was forever playing around painting with water and oil colors, drawing up imaginary floor plans, sewing drapes, clothes and one of my favorite things was to build miniature airplanes.

Wanting to see more I moved to New York in my teens and later on to Los Angeles where I graduated from UCLA Architectural and Interior Design Program. I completed most of my work experience and training while working in the LA movie industry and with the world renowned Kelly Wearstler (KWID). I have had great opportunities to work and collaborate in amazing projects in my life. Who would have thought that this real life cartoon character would be working on Johnny Depp’s Hollywood houses and production office, or designing furniture for the Finnish rock star Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish).

I am happily part of the Association of Interior Architects (SIO) in Finland.

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